Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I apply Decalshouse stickers?
  • Anywhere you want really. They can be applied on cars, motorcycles, laptops and many more surfaces. 

  • How do I apply stickers?
  • It is really easy to apply our stickers and we have made it even easier by giving video instructions on this  - 
  • When should I expect to get my sticker delivered?
  • If your order is received by 3pm GMT (UK time) it will be made and despatched on the same day. Orders placed after 3pm will be despatched on the next working day. 

          Delivery time will vary depending on the country and will usually take as per below:

          Deliveries within the EU: between 3-5 working days
          Deliveries within the rest of the world : usually between 4-7 working days (Including UK)
          Warning: There are currently delays in Lithuania with given excuse ( Due to Covid ) and unfortunately, there is nothing phisicily we can do to make the deliveries any quicker.

          UK Customers: We are dispatching from Lithuania from now on and the deliveries might take longer than usual due to brexit and customs  delays.

  • What is the size of decalshouse stickers?
  • It really depends on what you order and sizes vary between 4”– 20”. If you cannot find the size you want, please get in touch with us for your customer order

  • Can I reuse the sticker after I applied it?
  • Unfortunately, not. Once the sticker has been applied on your chosen surface it, you cannot remove it and re apply it somewhere else. As it would simply not stick to a surface. 
  • Good thing that we have unlimited supply of stickers for your next order
  • How do I remove the sticker?
  • If you want to remove your old sticker, please follow the instructions below. 

          Using a heat source (e.g. hair dryer), heat the sticker starting form the middle and slowly going toward the edges
          Using any harder object, start pushing the decal off the surface (starting at the corner)
          Grab the corner of the sticker and start pulling it toward the middle and then to the edge of the opposite side
          Once the sticker is off the surface, spray any cleaning product to clean the residue

  • How long will my sticker last?
  • All our stickers are made of vinyl material and will usually last between 4-7 years. 

  • What is a decal?
  • A sticker that has no background. You can transfer it on any surface you like. 


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